Time Management program

Learn to use your calendar to reach your goals, create more freedom and make more money.

You know you have a lot of things to do but no good way to structure them. Things often take longer than you have planned for.

You have either given up on setting goals for yourself because you know you never reach them or you will reach your goals but exhaust yourself along the way.

Sounds like you?

You see all these other women who have figured out the balance between work and life but you don’t understand how to get there yourself. You want to get more things done without working more, you want to reach your goals with ease and have time to just … breathe.

I understand you!

With the right tools, you can get more things done, work less and make more money so you have time for all the things you also want to do.


Through mindset coaching and the use of specific processes, you learn to create the results you want, much faster than you think is possible.

Coaching is available in Swedish and in English.

– 12 week program –

1. create a schedule that works for you.

2. learn to follow through on your commitments.
3. Create the lifestyle you want to have today.

4. Learn to set goals and how to always achieve them.

This program is for you if …

➢ You see yourself as a bit of a perfectionist.

➢ You often wait until the last minute to do things.

➢ You set goals but don’t take them seriously, or you feel completely exhausted when you reach them.

➢ You want to create more freedom in your life and at the same time increase your results.

This program is not for you if …

✗ You are not interested in personal development, coaching or mindset.

✗ You are reluctant to use a calendar and to plan.

✗ You are not willing to doing the work required.

✗ You do not want to set goals or work towards them.

Ready to get started?

    Time Management coaching with Helen was so inspiring, educational and fun!

    I got concrete tools and new approaches that helps me get more done in less time and to create great structure in my everyday life.

    – Beata

    Working with Helen has developed me as a person.

    I have had to work with myself and change my thinking. She taught me how to prioritize what are most important to me and how to implement that into my lifestyle.

    Helen is happy, caring, supportive and competent. She makes me challenge myself and take a step forward. I recommend both Helen and Time Management if you want to learn how to manage your time.

    – Ulf