Hi! I’m Helen, the Time Coach For Coaches & Business owners.

I love watching coaches and business owners with a fire in their heart bring what they are passionate about into the world.

And it breaks my heart when they give up along the way, not knowing how to navigate and use their time properly.

Believing they don’t have enough time, that they should wait or that it can’t be done.

Not realizing that they actually have all the time they need, right now.

They just aren’t using it to their highest potential.

They aren’t being deliberate and proactive with the time they have.

They have never been taught how to use their time to create the thriving business they want without hustling or working 60 hours a week. 

Or at the expense of themselves or their families.

When you know how to be proactive with your time, you will be surprised how much you can get done in a short amount of time.

I’m here to teach you how.


”Coaching with Helen was so inspiring, educational and fun! I got concrete tools and new approaches that helps me get more done in less time and to create great structure in my everyday life”
— Beata

”Working with Helen has evolved me as a person. I have had to work with myself and change my thinking. She taught me how to prioritize what are most important to me and how to implement that into my lifestyle. I highly recommend Helen if you want to learn how to really get the most out of your time.”
— Nappe

”I made the decision to work with Helen because I wanted weekly coaching on planning and honoring my plan.  She helped me uncover obstacles I was having, and I was able to get to the level I wanted to. I appreciated her insight and humor, also her acceptance of me. And the BEST thing:  I now know the things on my calendar are there because I want to do them, tasks are results oriented, and I know they are as good as done! Thank you Helen!”
— Laurie S.