#4 Are you fighting your calendar?

We so often do this.

We make plans for our business, we set goals, we make decisions for projects and decide on how we want to take care of ourselves.

Then – as soon as it’s time to follow our plans, we start to rebel against our calendar.

We start to act like spoiled teenagers:

“I don’t want to!”
“It’s sooo boring!”
“I don’t have to do it now.”
“It’s not important.”
“Why do I have to?!”

We have all the excuses for why we shouldn’t follow through.

And we start fighting against the very thing we want the most.

The very thing we ourselves thoughtfully choose for ourselves with our best interests in mind.

The calendar is a framework to be used FOR you, not against you.

It’s a framework to literally help you create the life and business you dream of having.

And when you rebel against your calendar, and not follow through, you are robbing yourself of that.

You are robbing yourself of that healthy body, that thriving business, and that abundant life you dream of.

For the love of god, stop rebel against the very thing that will give you that!

Instead, use your calendar to your advantage.

USE the calendar to take care of yourself as never before.

USE the calendar to create that wildly successful business you dream of having.

USE that calendar to create space to just be.

And let that be the gift you give to yourself.