#2 How to get 40 hours of work done in 20 hours and feel amazingly energised afterwards

Did I grab your attention there? 

This is what happens when we strategise, constrain our focus and use our calendar to get things done.

I have seen this happen both in my own life and with the clients I’m working with.

Let me demonstrate how:

If I were to ask you how long it will take you to write a blogpost, what would you say? 

If you were to ask me that same question, I would say 1 hour.

If I were to ask you how long it would takes you to write something juicy for your audience, what would you answer?

If you’d ask me, I’d 30 minutes.

If I ask you what you are doing today in your business and what results you are going to have at the end of the day, what would you tell me?

For me, I know exactly what I’m doing today. I know what to do, when to do it, and the results I’ll have when I’m done working today.

What’s my secret? I have taken the time to decide what I want to have done, and in what time, ahead of time. And then I get to work to get it done within that time.

When I sit down and write my blog posts I don’t have time to think about other things or scroll on Facebook. I have 1 hour to get it done. I’m all in. This creates a laser focus and boosts my productivity to the roof.

And that is how we create results in rapid speed.

And the best part of this is that we now have 20 hours to spend with the people who mean the most to us, on taking care of ourselves, to read great books, go on long walks and to just… breath.

And that is the best feeling ever.