Time management coaching

Are you managing your time as an employee or as an entrepreneur?

Time management coaching for coaches & business owners.

Hi, I’m Helen!

I help coaches and business owners step into the role of the CEO of their business — by making powerful decisions and managing their time.


What people don’t tell us when we go into entrepreneurship is that there a big difference between the mindset we have as an employee and the mindset we need to have as an entrepreneur.

This is true when it come to managing our time, making decisions, choosing our working hours and setting goals in our business.

As an employee — our working hours are set for us. We are told where to sit, when to work och what meetings to attend.

We are assigned tasks, what projects to do and when the deadlines are.

We have been taught to ask our manager how to get ahead, to be shown the path to promotion in our career.

What happens when we bring this mindset into entrepreneurship is we start looking to others for how to manage our time and make deviations in our business.

We don’t want to make our own decisions and we don’t know how to set goals. We want someone else to come in and tell us and show us the “right” path ahead.

This makes growing our business feeling extremely confusion and overwhelming, often thinking in terms of ”I don’t know where to start” or ”I don’t know what my next step are”.

(I want to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you! This is how we all have been taught from school)

We are taught that there is is right way to do things, that we shouldn’t fail and to look to authority for the answers.

・get more done・work less・create more freedom・earn more money・



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